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Subject: RE: health informatics and payment systems

This reminds me, Ed, Bob, Peter, John, Brett, Brand, Susan,

I still owe John Casillas feedback on his first 
draft of a call to form a Cooperative Open-source 
Medical Banking Architecture and Technology 
(C.O.M.B.A.T.) cyberwar workgroup that leverages 
mutliple technologies based on open standards and 
ontology management as well as pattern 
recognition and detection with regard to 
MPB_COMBAT Planning & /Design Kickoff. I attached 
the meeting agenda and backgrounder pdf to this 
message so that it gets to the OASIS 
International Health Continuum TC and Brett 
Trusko in particular since he would be my first 
choice as a fellow-IHC TC member to share duty as 
liaison to the MPB CyberWar Working Group. At the 
same time I am copying John Cassillas with this 
message in order to inform him that the OASIS IHC 
TC is renewing and to some extent reconfiguring 
itself (see


John, my apologies for  the tardy reply on the 
strawman draft. I am still working on it, and I 
will bring it up Tuesday, to be coordinated with 
the new work before the OASIS Emergency 
Management TC's Messaging and Notifications 
Subcommittee, which I co-chair. We are starting 
work on the second Emergency Data Exchange 
Language (EDXL) specification,  the EDXL_RM 
(Resource Messaging) component, following the 
EDXL_DE (Distribution Element) which is now in 
public review. As architectures for Emergency 
Management concerns, this is spot on.

Also, just FYI I flew in to DC on Sept. 22, while 
the MPB was launching the Planning & Design 
session for COMBAT, and gave a presentation on 
governance in collaborations following that of 
Sun Microsystems' Distinguish Engineer, Jon 
Bosak's at the Collaborative Expedition Workshop 


Mine was the last presentation of the day, which 
also went over time, and that was followed by the 
impromptu higher level discussion about 
governance of collaborative efforts, This 
unscheduled extension of the discussions, which 
can only happen in such face to face 
circumstances, was based in part on Jon's 
Presentation on the OASIS process in developing 
UBL. Of course, it included the entire day-long 
series, but the point is that it developed among 
those who literally couldn't just let go of the 
discussion until well after the cleaning crew 
arrived and then continued with a much smaller 
group literally right up to the Metro turnstile 
at nearly 6:00 p.m. This largr group included a 
relatively high level Defense Information Systems 
Agency (DISA) IT specialist, as well as Barbara 
Allen of TargusInfo, myself, Teamwork Expert, 
Alex Pavlak and a Lead Staff Engineer for 
Enterprise IT from MITRE.

That was on a Friday evening in DC, so I 
certainly assume we were all a bit wrapped up in 
the afterhours topic that initially centered 
around the concerns of the attending 
representative of the WhiteHouse Council on 
Environmental Quality (CEQ), for governance 
principles and models, such as Jon Bosak's 
discussion of the OASIS process versus the often 
IT-centric discussion of tools such as video 
conferencing, teleconferencing, Web Conferencing 
and collaborative workspaces such as the example 
of the wiki for these inter-agency communities of 
practice referenced above. I should mention that 
the WhiteHouse CEQ departed before the final 
ten-minute session en route to the Metro, so as 
not to imply any further connection, since I can 
assure you that latter group would certain

The point of this extended example of this 
particular discussion is that the topic of how to 
develop viable governance models is a topic that 
needs to be addressed as well as the details of 
the Service-Oriented and Semantic 
Interoperability IT architecture that supports 
emergency management and healthcare.

I suspect that I have managed to plant this 
little seed in the properly fertilized ground for 
the sorts of cross-connections this addressee 
list represents.


At 8:59 PM -0500 9/24/05, Ed Dodds wrote:
>>Maybe we can consider some additional loops between health informatics and
>payment systems?
>Speaking of that emphasis here's the pdf from the COMBAT kickoff.
>FWIW: I've seen a couple of stories in the media trying to position the
>resolution of the payment thingie before the electronic health record
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309


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