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Subject: SAML 2.0 and IHE/XDS?

Does anyone know how - and if at all - this fits with IHE/XDS ?
Ping Identity and MedCommons Use SAML 2.0 for Electronic Health Record
Staff, Ping Identity Announcement
Ping Identity and MedCommons have announced a partnership to develop
secure, standards-based, single sign-on solutions for multi-location
electronic health record access and storage. Both Ping Identity and
MedCommons are committed to SAML 2.0 as the standard of choice for
secure authentication precisely because it provides for the convergence
of non-interoperable standards that support Web SSO. After significant
testing of alternative providers, MedCommons determined that
PingFederate Version 3 was the easiest SAML 2.0 product to acquire,
install, configure, integrate, and deploy. MedCommons quickly integrated
PingFederate v3 into their medical data network and secure storage
solution, enabling Web SSO using SAML 2.0. "Ping Identity's products and
services help organizations easily and cost effectively bridge security
domains across partner, supplier and customer organizations by providing
secure Web SSO. MedCommons has developed the first standards-based
system capable of communicating with and transferring image and
non-image data among Personal Health Records, Electronic Health Records
(EHR) and national healthcare IT systems."
See also the PingTrust announcement: http://www.pingidentity.com/news/show/119

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