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Subject: FWD: Why Doctors and Nurses Wont Use IT

Bob Lewis writes a column on IT, project management and whatever

else peaks his interest.


The following link is to the particular piece.




And there are many good comments and postings to this as well - including why paper is better than screens in a clinical setting. 


Personally I noted the following -> add to that slow operation, poorly conceived functional role, badly designed UI defaulting, no time set-aside for training, and its amazing that any software gets used at all.  Notice the reverse applies to clinical devices – heart monitors, IV pumps, etc – that are much more “soldier proof” and mission critical.  Even there however the amount of “smart intelligence” in those devices (ability to detect if someone has selected a whacko drip rate on the pump for example) – coupled with difficult to read settings (yes average age of a nurse is 46 years – so go figure tiny read outs are useless).
But of course the nursing staff members are not the ones in charge of the budget and selecting the software and tools – so don’t expect this to change any year soon…



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