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Subject: Fwd: ISO ebXML meeting San Diego (HL7): 8 January 2007 Call Details and ebBP Link


"Monica J. Martin" <Monica.Martin@Sun.COM> wrote:
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 08:27:31 -0800
From: "Monica J. Martin" <Monica.Martin@Sun.COM>
Subject: ISO ebXML meeting San Diego (HL7): 8 January 2007 Call Details and
ebBP Link
To: rachelf@ix.netcom.com, "'Frans van Bommel'" <f.van.bommel@vektis.nl>,
"'Dickerson, Audrey'" <adickerson@himss.org>,
"'Pim van der Eijk'" <pim.vandereijk@oasis-open.org>,
"'Sylvia Webb'" <swebb@gefeg.com>,
"'Asuman Dogac'" <asuman@srdc.metu.edu.tr>,
"'Jacques R. Durand'" <JDurand@us.fujitsu.com>,
"'Anders Grangard'" <anders.grangard@gs1.org>,
"'Andreas Schultz'" <andreas.schultz@gematik.de>,
"'Edgar Gluck'" <edgar.gluck@kith.no>,
"'Mike Doran'" <Mike.Doran@cern.ch>,
"'Paul Knapp'" <pknapp@continovation.com>,
"'Charlie McCay'" <Charlie@ramseysystems.co.uk>,
"'Mark Shafarman'" <mark.shafarman@earthlink.net>,
"'Kai U. Heitmann (HL7)'" <hl7@kheitmann.nl>, lillian@hl7.org,
"'Gary Dickinson (E-mail)'" <gary.dickinson@ehr-standards.com>,
"'Adrian Stokes (E-mail)'" <Adrian.Stokes@cat-ltd.demon.co.uk>,
"'Christopher Chute (E-mail)'" <chute@mayo.edu>,
"'Don Newsham (E-mail)'" <donnewsham@sierrasystems.com>,
"'Heather Grain (E-mail)'" <h.grain@latrobe.edu.au>,
"'Heike Moser (E-mail)'" <heike.moser@din.de>, synapse@btinternet.com,
"'Juergen Sembritzki (E-mail)'" <j.sembritzki@ztg-nrw.de>,
k.kita@gakushikai.jp, "'Ken Toyoda'" <kent105@attglobal.net>,
"'Lori Reed Fourquet (E-mail)'" <lori.fourquet@sbcglobal.net>,
"'Melvin Reynolds (E-mail)'" <MelvinR@AMS-Consulting.co.uk>,
"'Michael L. Glickman (E-mail)'" <mglickman@cnainc.com>,
"'Ross Fraser (E-mail)'" <rossfraser@aol.com>, shirinn.golyardi@nen.nl,
"'Tetsuro Kiyotani (E-mail)'" <NCB00104@nifty.ne.jp>,
"'Todd 1 Cooper (E-mail)'" <t.cooper@ieee.org>, luann2k4@verizon.net,
"'Yun Sik Kwak 1 (E-mail)'" <yskwak@wmail.knu.ac.kr>,
"'Frank van den Eijnden'" <frank-van-den.eijnden@ecp.nl>,
"'Kees Molenaar'" <gc.molenaar@minvws.nl>,
"'Peter Potgieser'" <peter.potgieser@nl.equens.com>,
"'Alain Dechamps'" <alain.dechamps@cen.eu>,
"'Jean-Luc Champion'" <jean_luc_champion@yahoo.com>,
"Sally St. Amand" <sallystamand@yahoo.com>,
Brett Trusko <brett.trusko@oasis-open.org>, Elkin.Peter@mayo.edu
CC: "'James Bryce Clark'" <jamie.clark@oasis-open.org>,

For anyone joining via teleconference the details are:

866 882 3998 (for international toll paid: 866 525 0769)
teleconference bridge provided only

A brief introduction to ebBP (ebXML Business Process Specification
Schema) can be found on our public web site under "Announcements" at the

(public site)

I believe we will overview ebMS, ebBP and CPPA (with its relationship to
the others and to emerging technologies). We look forward to speaking
with you 2-5 p.m. PT today 8 January 2007.

Thank you.
Dale Moberg, Axway
Monica J. Martin, Sun Microsystems

>>Sally, please pass to IHC. Thank you.

>From: Frans van Bommel [mailto:f.van.bommel@vektis.nl]
>Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 10:22 AM
>Subject: ISO ebXML meeting San Diego (HL7): Draft agenda
>Dear all,
>Attached you will find the draft agenda for the ebXML study meeting of ISO
>TC215 during the HL7 working group meetings in San Diego (Monday afternoon 8
>January 2007)....
>The meeting is planned between 14.00 and 17.00 hours, but as soon as we know
>who will finally participate the meetingtime will be adjusted after
>consulting Paul Knapp (Co-chair of the HL7 XML SIG) since we expect some
>members of this SIG will attend both meetings during the afternoon on

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