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Subject: Something related to Health indicators Re: [ihc] Meeting reminder-- IHC-TC

Thanks Brett,

I was clued to the following this morning and I 
found it very helpful in focusing on how Health 
Indicators data could be used perhaps more 
effectively in the International context. It is a 
twenty minute talk with video so I suggest you 
download it first and view it later. I found it 
fascinating with regard to the changes in public 
health world wide over the last 40 years:


I am including the entire message below for 
context as it was sent to the Ontolog Forum, 
where I co-moderated a panel discussion on 
Ontology Applications in Emergency Response last 


The presentations are available at the url 
immediately above, down in the body of the page, 
and at the bottom, you can download the audio 
recording archive.

Here's today's international Health session at the TEDTalks:

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Seref Arikan just posted the following over at 
the openEHR-technical mailing list. Note the 
reference near the end of the presentation to the 
gapminder.org project and his call for meaningful 
search of the data the project is intended to 

Ed Dodds

Hi, The following link contains a MUST see speech 
of Hans Rosling. Rosling is a professor of 
international health, and as you can see, he has 
some excellent points about the way we perceive 
certain things. I believe his wonderful 
presentation has very good points for many of us. 
And here we go

 Regards Seref Arikan - serefarikan at kurumsalteknoloji.com

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At 4:48 PM -0800 1/30/07, Brett Trusko wrote:
>This is a reminder of the IHC meeting this 
>Thursday at 8:00 Pacific. I am with a client so 
>will only be able to attend for a short while - 
>is there anyone who can take the minutes this 
>Conference Dial-in Number: (563) 843-5600
>Host Access Code: 652872*
>Participant Access Code: 652872#


Rex Brooks
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Starbourne Communications Design
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Berkeley, CA 94702
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