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Subject: Feedback on KMIP spec

I have the following issues with the KMIP specification.

Section 4.24

Given that the operations required to be supported have been delegated to the profile, all operations (save Query) are now theoretically optional, so the Query Operations response must be able to report all operations, not just the formerly optional operations of Validate, Certify, Re-Certify, Notify and Put.

Additionally, it would be useful to have Query report on which profiles are supported, as this would provide clients a quick way to determine the minimum set of operations supported by the server.

Section 11.21

The server will return an error result/reason of OperationFailed/PermissionDenied if a destroy() is requested and the object is not already deactivated.  Failing destroy() seems an appropriate response if the object were ACTIVE, but not if it were PREACTIVE.  So the request is to change the language to say "Object is not in a state of PREACTIVE or DEACTIVATED".  One might also argue that a new reason of IllegalStateTransition would be more meaningful than PermissionDenied, but that might require a more intrusive set of changes, so would recommend against that new reason.

Table 45

The Cryptographic Domain Parameters table (Table 45) lists an enumeration for the Recommended Curve, but no reference is given for said enumeration.  It might be, but I'm guessing.

Bruce A Rich
brich at-sign us dot ibm dot com

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