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Subject: KMIP Server to Client communication model

Hi All,


Please guide me understand this…


I have gone through Server to Client Communication requests Notify and Put.


As the Spec document says “These operations are used to send Managed Cryptographic objects directly to clients without a specific request from client" Line no: 1439.


I have the following doubts:


        [1] Why these operations are necessary since , Client requests (for get attributes) are answered by the server.


        [2] What happens when client is not available when the server sends the Notify/PUT requests? How will the server know that client is available? 


           [3] Will client listen on some port so that server can send Notify/Put requests?


Thanks for the updated Use cases document kmip-usecases-1.0-cd-09.doc.


In the Use cases document it would be helpful if any use cases is mentioned on how the multiple attribute instances are possible and Notify/Put requests.



Thanks in advance.



Trinath Somanchi.



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