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Subject: RE: [kmip-comment] Testcase TC-SJ-3-12 - Join Split keys question

Dear Tim, 


Let me explain my implementation.


Based on TC-SJ-3-12 in test case document, 

there are 4 split keys.


KeyPartIdentifier = 1, Key value = "66C46A7754F94DE420C7B1A7FFF5EC56";

KeyPartIdentifier = 2, Key value = "CF93D1E2A7E593CD5B8D6247F4E5D49C" 

KeyPartIdentifier = 3, Key value = "A855B891F61AD9217240D8EC061E37DA" 

KeyPartIdentifier = 4, Key value = "803DBAD55CDD329FAD19D99AE2C5A415" 


I need just two split keys to construct secret. I choose KeyPartIdentifier 1, 3 same as test case.

I try to join second byte in key byte array. So, the points are (01, C4) and (03, 55) in hex.


Below is the explanation of my join implementation. (I also attached below image in this mail)



In test case document, the second byte of secret is 0x02. However, I found it as 0x01. 

I might do wrong calculation. 

Please, point out a problem in my explain.

Thank you.


Best Regards.

-----Original Message-----
From: "Tim Hudson"<tjh@cryptsoft.com>
To: "김태성"<rutherex@naver.com>;
Sent: 2016-01-09 (토) 04:01:13
Subject: Re: [kmip-comment] Testcase TC-SJ-3-12 - Join Split keys question

On 8/01/2016 10:15 PM, 김태성 wrote:
> Dears.
> I implemented split key and join key with GF2_8.
> My implementation work fine for creating and joining of split key with
> GF2_8.
> However, I tried to join key of TC-SJ-3-12 and failed to build
> original key.
> I don't know what is wrong with my implementation.
> Is the TC-SJ-3-12 test case right example?

It is indeed the right example if you are using GF2_8.
That implementation has been confirmed with multiple vendors.

It's hard to comment on what you have done wrong in your implementation
without any other details.



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