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Subject: Comments on the KMIP specification

I have reviewed the KMIP Spec V1.4. Attached are my comments:


1.       There are several references to NIST standards that are out of date: FIPS 180-4 was updated in 2015. FIPS 186-4 was updated in 2013. NIST SP 800-38A had an addendum in 2010. NIST SP 800-38B was updated in 2016. NIST SP 800-38c was updated in 7/2007. NIST SP 800-57-1 was updated in 2016.

2.       Several of the listed algorithms, such as MD2, MD4, and MD5 have not been approved by NIST, so why are they included?

3. RSA is listed as “RSA Encryption”. These are digital signature algorithms. RSA encryption is a different algorithm used for key transport.

4.       The SHA3 algorithms are not listed.

5.       Listed is a “NIST key wrap algorithm.” The algorithm referenced is AES key wrap.

6.       Many of the algorithms have limitations specified by NIST, such as disallowed, acceptable, for legacy use. These use limitations would be useful to include.




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