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Subject: RE: [kmip] Indications of Candidacy for TC Chair(s)

Dear Ms. McRae,

I, Landon Curt Noll, nominate Walt Hubis as candidate for co-chair of KMIP TC.

As the lead architect of LSIís secure storage products, Walt has been very active in the leadership of a number of standards efforts related to key management to encourage broad acceptance of a standard key management protocol. He has served as the chair of the Key Management Services Subgroup (KMSS) in the TCG Storage work group, is currently serving as the chair of the IEEE Security in Storage Work Group (SISWG) P1619.3 key management project, and is also the secretary of SISWG.

Walt also has a great deal of expertise in storage systems that will expedite KMIP acceptance in a variety of storage systems standards organizations. In addition, Walt is a frequent presenter as various industry conferences to facilitate and foster a standard key management method both within the industry and with end users.

Walt has confirmed to me that he supports having co-chairs for KMIP TC and this nomination for his candidacy as a KMIP TC co-chair.

I am pleased to nominate Walt Hubis as candidate for co-chair of KMIP TC.

chongo (Landon Curt Noll) /\oo/\

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