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Subject: Draft Meeting Minutes through co-chair elections 24 April 2009

These are the notes from the start of the meeting and should be  
combined with Subhash's notes. I have updated the roster noting those  
individuals who achieved Voting status today; for those Members who  
attended but were not on the roster in sufficient time, today's  
meeting will count as '1' towards your two-in-a-row. For those  
individuals who signed up but were not able to attend today's call,  
your status remains as 'Member'; once you attend two consecutive  
meetings you will gain Voting Rights.

If anyone feels there is an error, please send an email to the list.

Thanks again to everyone for your participation!


Bob Griffin, Convener, called the meeting to order and commenced with  
the roll call.

Roll Call:
Voting Members:
Matthew Ball			Sun
Elaine Barker			NIST
Peter Bartok			Venafi
Tom Clifford			Symantec
Stan Feather			HP
Indra Fitzgerald		HP
Alan Frindell			SafeNet
Judith Furlong			EMC
Jonathan Geater		Thales
Robert Griffin			EMC
Robert Haas			IBM
Thomas Hardjono		MIT
Marc Hocking			BeCrypt
Larry Hofer			Emulex
Walt Hubis			LSI
Wyllys Ingersoll		Sun
Glen Jacquette			IBM
Scott Kipp			Brocade
David Lawson			Emulex
Robert Lockhart		Thales
Shyam Mankala		EMC
Upendra Mardikar		PayPal
Marc Massar			Individual
Anthony Nadalin		IBM
Landon Noll			Cisco
Rob Philpott			EMC
Will Price				PGP
Bruce Rich			IBM
Subhash Sankuratripati	NetApp
Mark Schiller			HP
Servesh Singh			EMC
Sandy Stewart			Sun
Marcus Streets			Thales
Benjamin Tomhave		Individual
Paul Turner			Venafi
Rod Wideman			Quantum
Steven Wierenga		HP
Krishna Yellepeddy		IBM

Gordon Arnold			IBM
Kevin Bocek			Thales
Graydon Dodson		Lexmark
Brandon Hoff			Emulex
Don McAllister			cipherOptics
Jon Callas				PGP

Russell Dietz			SafeNet
Chris Dunn			SafeNet
Brian Tokuyoshi		PGP
Daniel Wong			Oracle
John Mason			Microsoft
Santosh Chokni		enTrust
John Patten			EMC
Rene	 (?)				IBM

At the end of the roll call it was determined that there were 40  
Voting Members present; 21 votes would be needed to approve a motion  
or ballot by majority.

Chair / Co-Chairs
Bob Griffin moved to elect 2 co-chairs; 2nd by Landon Noll. There were  
no objections to unanimous consent.

At this point the floor was opened for nominations. Four nominations  
had been received: Walt Hubis, Bob Griffin, Tony Nadalin, and Marcus  
Streets; Mary McRae (OASIS TC Administrator) verified that each  
candidate was willing to serve.

Each candidate then took a few moments to introduce themselves to the  

Mary McRae then conducted a roll call ballot. During the roll call it  
was noted that two names were incorrectly recorded as in attendance  
resulting in the total number of Voting Members being reduced to 38  
and the number of votes required to pass reduced to 20.

After the first ballot, the results were as follows:
Walt Hubis	16
Bob Griffin	34
Tony Nadalin	19
Marcus Streets	5

Bob Griffin was declared Co-Chair. Mary then asked if the Members  
would like to proceed with a second ballot or postpone the election of  
a co-chair; the group agreed to proceed with a second election.

At the end of the second ballot, the results were as follows:
Walt Hubis	14
Tony Nadalin	23

Tony Nadalin was declared Co-Chair. Mary congratulated the Chairs and  
turned the meeting back to Bob Griffin.

Mary P McRae
Director, Technical Committee Administration
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org
web: www.oasis-open.org
twitter: fiberartisan  #oasisopen
phone: 1.603.232.9090

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