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Subject: observers participating in OASIS mettings

As I understand, someone who is not an OASIS member of the WG, such as  
an observer, is not allowed to participate in the meeting.  Thus far  
in each of our OASIS KMIP meetings, we have had at least once observer  
attempt to inject themselves into the discussion.  In fact we had a  
case when non-member attempted to object to a motion made by a  
member.  And while in some cases a member as objected, I suspect there  
have been times where an observer comments have gone unchallenged ...  
particularly when it is sometimes very difficult to determine who is  

May I suggest that after the attendance call is completed, that the  
Chair make an announcement that kindly reminds those present that  
observers are welcome to observe but may not speak during the meeting?

Also: Are there restrictions on observers participating in the KMIP  
mailing list forum?

chongo () /\oo/\

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