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Subject: update to 14-May KMIP TC meeting

hi -

i've updated the calendar with the webex information (thanks again to WaltH) and revised agenda for tomorrow's meeting (thanks to RodW for his suggestions). 

I haven't included a discussion about the length of meetings on the agenda, for a couple of reasons:

- Given the number of folks participating in the TC (that is by no means a complaint...), i think we'll be most effective and open if we use the mailing list for discussion of issues. We'd like to give this a try a bit longer, before putting a change of length, chedule and (potentially) time of the meetings to a vote.

- Understanding where we are relative to wrapping up the V1.0 KMIP docs could also affect the discussion. So it seemed appropriate to include in tomorrow's meeting a status check on where we are and what still needs to be done.

With this in mind, i expect this is what we'll do with regard to the "old business" in the agenda:

- byte alignment. There is a ballot open on this, so i expect this item will be primarily a reminder about the ballot.
- key-id. Scott will walk quickly through his proposal. Please review the document that he has posted to the KMIP TC repository prior to the meeting, and send any comments/questions/issues to the reflector?
- key-naming. Stan will also walk quickly through his proposal. Please take a look at his 29-Apr email attachment prior to the meeting, and again send around any comments/questions/issues.

thanks very much!



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