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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [kmip] Clarification for document categories]

Hi Folks,

For completeness, here are the responses I sent to Rob Philpott...


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: [kmip] Clarification for document categories
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 15:12:59 -0600
From: Matt Ball <matthew.ball@sun.com>
Organization: Sun Microsystems
To: robert.philpott@rsa.com
CC: robert.griffin@rsa.com, drsecure@us.ibm.com
References: <748CA8A08F953C489E23A29CD1EA39350439F49B@CORPUSMX10A.corp.emc.com> <51F3EFC7CE76EC4D99762C23364493E6023D6B08@CORPUSMX40B.corp.emc.com>

Hi Rob P,

See comments below:


robert.philpott@rsa.com wrote:

Depends on a few things.  Separating types of documents into folders is a GOOD thing for helping folks quickly locate stuff.  Also, in mature/active TC’s, you may end up with hundreds/thousands of docs and keeping things organized as you go along is a plus.


Many TC’s don’t create/post minutes as distinct documents; they just send them as text emails.  If minutes are always going to be sent as posted documents, then yes, a Minutes folder makes sense.  If they will sometimes be sent as email text or as documents attached to emails (i.e. not specifically posted as a document), then a folder may not make sense. In TC’s where different people take minutes from meeting-to-meeting, you might have different preferences for how the minute-taker wants to do them.  If you want to standardize on posting minutes as unique docs, then, as I said, it makes sense to put them in their own folder.  I’d put both draft and approved minutes there and use a naming convention to make clear which is which.

So far it seems we've adopted the precedent of storing minutes as documents, so a minutes folder makes sense.  If we plan to differentiate between draft and approved minutes, maybe the thing to do is distribute draft minutes through the e-mail reflector, and store approved minutes in a documents folder.

In terms of searching for past minutes of particular meetings, I think it's easier to have a dedicated folder instead of using the e-mail reflector, because all the minutes are grouped in one place, versus having to search the e-mail for the term 'minutes' and hope you get the right message.


Since there are various forms of other “input documents/proposals”, “drafts”, and “specs”, perhaps using folders that align with how the TC process and the document naming guidelines defines them makes sense. This isn’t really much different from what Matt proposed.  There’s already a “Standards” folder, which should only hold approved OASIS standards, IMO (the KMIP folder would be empty for now).  Matt proposed a “Drafts” folder.  I suggest renaming “Drafts” to something like “Working Documents” and using it to hold Working Drafts, Committee Drafts, Public Review Drafts, and any other posted documents including “proposals”.

So you're suggesting creating a "Working Documents" folder as the union of "Drafts" and "Proposals"?  I personally like to keep these things separate (as do lots of other working groups) because draft standards tend to have a higher status than proposals, and deserve being kept separate.  Proposals can be just about anything, but the draft standard is a carefully modified document that only contains approved changes, and typically has its own versioning.


I would create separate “Committee Specs” and “Errata” folders to hold the approved CS docs and approved errata docs.  I’m basing this on the TC definitions of these 2 groups:


·  "OASIS Draft Deliverable" means any of the following: Working Drafts, Committee Drafts and Public Review Drafts.

·  "OASIS Final Deliverable" means any of the following: Committee Specifications, OASIS Standards and Approved Errata.


If TC members might produce documents that are explanatory in nature and not officially blessed by the TC, then a folder for “Outreach Materials” may be in order.

This sounds good, although I wonder if we should wait on creating such folders until we have content for them.


Note that you can also create nested folders.  So you could get more granular under “Working Documents” (or “Drafts” if you don’t rename it).  For example: “Working Documents/Committee Drafts” and “Working Documents/Public Review Drafts”.


Rob Philpott

RSA, the Security Division of EMC
Senior Technologist | e-Mail: robert.philpott@rsa.com | Office: (781) 515-7115 | Mobile: (617) 510-0893


From: Griffin, Robert
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 12:12 PM
To: 'Matthew.Ball@Sun.COM'; 'drsecure@us.ibm.com'; Philpott, Robert
Subject: Re: [kmip] Clarification for document categories


Hi matt -

Could you ping mary mcrae and robin cover to ask them directly for their feedback? I expect if there are any issues they'll be in terms of standard oasis practice.

Rob and tony -- any insights on this?




From: Matthew.Ball@Sun.COM <Matthew.Ball@Sun.COM>
To: Griffin, Robert; Tony Nadalin <drsecure@us.ibm.com>
Cc: kmip@lists.oasis-open.org <kmip@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Wed May 13 11:53:56 2009
Subject: Re: [kmip] Clarification for document categories

Hi Bob and Tony,

Having heard no further comments on this issue, I'd like to request an agenda item (to be added if time is available) to move that the KMIP TC adopt the following proposal for document folders, and that we request Mary McRae to create three new folders entitled "Minutes", "Proposals", and "Drafts".


Matt Ball wrote:

With the Technical Committee's approval, I recommend we create three new folders with the following names and descriptions:

  • Minutes - Draft and Approved minutes from meetings
  • Proposals - Proposed changes to technical committee drafts
  • Drafts - Draft Standards that have not been approved

The existing three folders would have the following contents:

  • Calendar Documents - Meeting notices and logistics
  • Meeting Notes - Presentations given at meetings
  • Standards - Approved standards



Robin Cover wrote:

Matt, if you'd like to create new folders (beyond the 3x available
by default), send email to Mary McRae.  You're not limited to three.

Robin Cover
OASIS, Director of Information Services
Editor, Cover Pages and XML Daily Newslink
Email: robin@oasis-open.org
Staff bio: http://www.oasis-open.org/who/staff.php#cover
Cover Pages: http://xml.coverpages.org/
Newsletter: http://xml.coverpages.org/newsletterArchive.html
Tel: +1 972-296-1783

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009, Matt Ball wrote:

Hi Folks,

Can anyone provide clarification concerning what types of documents go into each of the three categories as defined on the
OASIS KMIP member's page:
 *  Calendar Documents
 *  Meeting Notes
 *  Standards
In particular, where do drafts, proposals, and minutes go?


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