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Subject: thoughts on KMIP schedule, face-to-face, etc

Hi -

For tomorrow's KMIP TC meeting (28-May, 11 am ET), we'd like to continue
last week's discussion of status by looking at a projected timeline for
moving the KMIP specification and other documents to public review.
Here's a first cut at that timeline. Please send any discussion
(comments/suggestions/issues) to the KMIP list.

4-June: at least initial drafts for all proposed modifications to KMIP
docs have been posted to KMIP list

2-July: final versions of all proposed modifications have been voted on
and submitted to editors for incorporation into KMIP committee draft

9-July: KMIP committee draft available for pre-vote review by TC members

16-July: TC vote begins (in KAVI) to approve KMIP Specification, KMIP
Usage Guide and KMIP Use Case documents as committee drafts. 

23-July: TC vote ends. At this point, committee drafts would be frozen
while work continues on at least 3 KMIP implementations that can be
referred to in the announcement of the public review.

10-September (Thursday after US Labor Day holiday): KMIP face-to-face
meeting (location tbd) for 1) final review of of committee drafts prior
to release to public review and 2) scoping KMIP V2.0 work.

11-September: public review of KMIP committee draft announced

Our schedule beyond that will depend on responses to the public review.
But assuming that it's positive, I hope we can look forward to something
like the following:

November: Incorporate feed back from 60 day public review and begin vote
to approve updated spec as Committee Specification

December: Once the spec has been approved as a Committee Specification,
vote to submit to OASIS membership for consideration as an OASIS



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