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Subject: Naming and format suggestions for Base Objects and Managed Objects

I have a few observations and suggestions to share regarding sections 2.1 (Base Objects) and 2.2 (Managed Objects). 
Base Objects appear to be consistently structures, and the term "base objects" seems to be an idea to differentiate them from managed objects. Some of these base objects have additional structures within them. The tables used throughout 2.1 are all consistent in layout though, using the same layout for things called objects and things called structures. The first column header is labeled "Object", but most of the rows appear to be fields within the object (or structure), and the last column header is labeled either "Required" or "Required Field" (the latter label also implying that the rows are fields).
Each table includes a row that is the name of the object or structure itself, for which the table defines.  Since this row is included along with the rows (fields) that compose the object or structure, it may lead to some confusion, but at least seems distracting (to me anyway).
So my suggestions are as follows:
 - Structure the tables slightly differently by using a title for each table and reference the table by title in the text
 - Call "base objects" something else, like just "structures".  Then whether or not they contain sub-structures, all the tables and text in 2.1 can be consistent and Managed Objects in 2.2 can more cleanly refer to structures.
I'm attaching a PDF that attempts to show a few examples of what I'm describing.

Rod Wideman

Quantum Corporation


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