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Subject: RE: [kmip] Re: Groups - oasis - Ballot "Straw poll on whether toallow "mutating attributes" in KMIP V1.0." has closed


> From: Robert Haas [mailto:rha@zurich.ibm.com] 

> 2) "Modify KMIP specification to make explicit the list of 
> attributes that a server is allowed to mutate" 
> I assume what is meant is the list of attribute values passed 
> by the client as parameters to an operation request for which 
> the client does not want their value to be changed by the 
> server (the server can always fail the operation if 
> necessary, but should it indicate which attribute value(s) 
> caused the failure?). 

Actually Robert, what I had in mind is a table in the specification (or usage guide) listing all the attributes that can be requested by the client.  It will state explicitly which can be mutated, and give some explanation of the circumstances when the server might mutate it, and the legal range of values.  A client implementer then knows exactly what scenarios need to be handled.

> While 3) is relatively straightforward (and IMHO would be 
> sufficient to accommodate most client needs, at least for a 
> first version), there are many ways to do 2). So it would be 
> good to see now concrete ideas how to implement both 2) and 3). 

I only envisioned option 3 requiring a protocol change.  I apologize if the wording in the poll wasn't clear that this was the intention.  


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