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Subject: Research

Apologies for the slightly off topic post.

As part of my work towards an MSc I am doing some research into the
impact of usability on security products.

To gather data for this research I have created two short surveys - one
for users of security software and one for people who have worked on the
development of such software.

I would very much appreciate if you could help me by completing one or
both surveys. If you have been involved with several different products
and have the time - I would be grateful if you could complete the survey
once for each product.

You should be able to complete either survey without revealing company
sensitive, classified or security relevant information. However, all
information gathered will be treated in confidence and will only be used
for the purpose of this study.

To complete the Developer's survey please visit:


To complete the User survey please visit:

I will of course make results available to any respondent who asks for
them - and will send a link to the results to this list.

Thank you.

Marcus Streets
Project Manager & Security Standards Officer

THALES Information Systems Security
nCipher product line

T:  +44 (0) 0123 723613 (Direct)
F:  +44 (0) 0123 723601
E:  Marcus.Streets@thales-esecurity.com
W:  www.ncipher.com

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