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Subject: RE: [kmip] Additional modifications to the KMIP specification andusage guide

Hi Bruce,
We would be including ECMQV for completeness. Adding this key structure to the spec should not mandate vendors to implement or support this transparent key structure. Similarly, we have included the split key object in the spec, but do not expect all vendors to support this object.
Perhaps we need to include a note in Matt's Conformance proposal to clarify that vendors are not expected to support all the Transparent Key Structures listed in the spec, but only those that are required by the applicable profile.

From: Bruce Rich [mailto:brich@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 6:50 PM
To: Fitzgerald, Indra
Cc: kmip@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [kmip] Additional modifications to the KMIP specification and usage guide

One minor quibble:  I'm a little reluctant to see #1, the ECMQV Key Structure type, given the IPR claims around the algorithm.  I'd really be queasy if it were a mandatory-to-implement.  If no one else objects, I guess it's OK.  But it feels like the camel's nose is in the tent.

Bruce A Rich
brich at-sign us dot ibm dot com

From: "Fitzgerald, Indra" <indra.fitzgerald@hp.com>
To: "kmip@lists.oasis-open.org" <kmip@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date: 09/07/2009 02:55 AM
Subject: [kmip] Additional modifications to the KMIP specification and usage guide


Last week I uploaded two proposals. One proposal addresses the Create Key Pair concern and the other addresses a few modifications to the Key Value Type. Judy also uploaded the Revocation Reason Code proposal. Please let us know if you have any comments.

During the numerous email exchanges with Sean and Judy, the following modifications were discussed for the KMIP specification and Usage Guide:

1. In 2.1.7 and, add ECMQV. The transparent structure is the same as for ECDH and ECDSA.

2. Add HMAC-SHA224 and HMAC-SHA384 to the list in

3. In, reshuffle and add SHA-224 to the list sequentially.

4. In, add "Unspecified" and "Remove from CRL" as revocation reasons to line up with X.509/RFC5280. Remove "Revoked By creator" and "Revoked By Administrator". See Judy's Revocation Reason Codes proposals.

5. Add an additional Key Value Type for ECPrivateKey. See the Key Value Type proposal.

6. Add another Block Cipher Mode Enumeration: AESKeyWrapPadding (as described in

7. Add another Block Cipher Mode Enumeration: XTS.

8. Add Certificate Request Type Enumeration CRMF to

9. Change the attribute name 'Certificate Issuer' to 'Certificate Identifier'.

10. Add a new 'Certificate Issuer' attribute and include the Issuer DN from the Issuer field of the certificate and any name formats from the Issuer Alternative Name extension. A proposal will follow.

11. Delete the paragraph between Table 56 and Table 57 to avoid any debate about setting the non-repudiation/digital signature bits.

12. Delete the following sentences from the spec: lines 852-854 and 951-952. We do not want to implicitly change the state of an object after a re-key or a re-certify. The spec currently requires the attributes of the old key (after a re-key) or certificate (after a re-certify) to be changed similar to performing a Revoke with Revocation Reason of Superseded (i.e., the object's state will be changed to Deactivated).

13. Include a mapping table in the Usage Guide, by taking table 191 (Recommended Curves for ECDSA and ECDH) and adding one additional column to show how the bit string and the OID map to one another.

The following will only be changed if there is strong demand for these changes.

14. Some parameters in the spec, such as D, P, and Q, should be lower case letters. This would be inline with the NIST standards.

15. There has been discussions to split up 3DES to two algorithms: 2-key 3DES and 3-key 3DES. KMIP currently relies on the Cryptographic Key Length attribute to determine whether it is 2-key or 3-key 3DES.

If anyone has any concerns with the above modifications, please let us know.


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