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Subject: agenda for F2F

Hi -

For discussion in our weekly KMIP call today, here's a first cut at the
agenda for our face-to-face on Monday and Tuesday next week:

Monday 28-Sep:

8-9: registration
9 - 9:30: welcome and agenda
9:30 - 12: outstanding V1.0 issues
- authentication methods, profiles and other conformance-related
- determination of readiness for public review
12-1: lunch break
1 - 5: scoping of post v1.0 work
- review and prioritization of deferred items
- Likely topics for discussion include: asymmetric key profiles; wrapped
key profiles; registration processes for extensions, namespaces, etc.
4:30 - 5: wrap-up for day 1 (review of action items and issues)

Tuesday 29-Sep
9-9:30: review of day 1; revise agenda for day 2)
9:30 - 11:30: continued discussion of post v1.0 work
11:30 - 12: wrap-up for day 2 (review of action items and issues)

Please note that the meeting is open only to members and observers of
the KMIP TC, on the TC roster. If you know of individuals who are
planning to attend, by phone or in person, and who are not yet members
or observers of the TC, please ensure that they join the TC prior to

Also, in-person attendance requires pre-registration at the conference
site (as noted in the email I sent last week). I believe registrations
at the site closed down EOD yesterday. If you have not registered but
want to attend in person, please contact me today and I'll see what I
can do about pushing the registration through.



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