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Subject: Notes from the KMIP POC weekly concall (2010/01/12)


Here are my summary notes from today's KMIP proof-of-concept interoperability call. If you have any corrections/additions, please let me know.


KMIP POC 2010/01/12
Attendees: Alan Frindell/SafeNet, Bruce Rich/IBM, Tim Bruce/CA,
 Subash Sankuratripati/NetApp, Paul Earsy/SafeNet, Tim Chevalier/NetApp,
 Larry Hofer/Emulex, Stan Feather/HP, John Clark/HP, Jane Harnad/OASIS,
 Dee Schur/OASIS, Bob Griffin/EMC, Krishna Yellepeddy/IBM, Gordon Arnold/IBM,
 Mathias Björkqvist/IBM

1. Participation at RSA conference
Jane: Summing up, IBM, HP are participating; RSA, NetApp, SafeNet maybe
Jane: Please fill in online form to register ASAP at:
Jane: Expo at OASIS booth includes half of a 6 foot table space (share
 with another demo participant), Internet access, router, 2 people

2. HTTP and/or SSL?
John: HP working on SSL and quite confident to be able to support it for RSA
Mathias: IBM also supporting it, send me and John/Stan email for POC server
 connection details when needed (for testing HTTP/SSL clients)
Stan: Need to agree on port numbers, certificates etc on one of the next calls
Mathias: No authentication used so far, with SSL we would just check that the
 peer certificate is stored in the local trust store (pre-installed manually)

3. Statements of Use
Bob: Email exchange with Mary McRae regarding Statements of Use requirements,
 will discuss further on Thursday's TC call
Bob: Statements of Use for client helpful to indicate breadth of commitment,
 but statements for servers more important for standard

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