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Subject: Key Mgmt. Framework (under development by NIST)

We have been developing a Key Mgmt. Framework as discussed at last summer's key mgmt. workshop. It would be nice if we had some key mgmt. systems (KMS) to play it against, so we are searching for such systems. Since the KMIP group has KMS developers as members, we thought it might be useful to ask if we could coordinate with any of you. 

The people working with me are Miles Smid (Orion Security), Denny Branstad (independent consultant) and Santosh Chokhani (Cygnacom). One problem is that Miles (at a minimum) doesn't feel that he can sign a non-disclosure agreement. So with this in mind, I wonder if there is a way to proceed with one or more of the KMS developers. Please contact me if you are interested, and suggest how we could proceed. 

We would like to put out an initial draft of the framework sometime this spring. We are also thinking about creating a Federal govt. profile of the framework.

Thanks, Elaine

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