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Subject: Credential Types appear to be underspecified

Hi Folks,

Currently, a KMIP Server SHALL support the Credential structure (as placed into a message header), but there is no information (that I could find) about how to handle said Credential. 

The Credential Type enumeration lists the following four items: 
  • Username & Password
  • Token
  • Biometric Measurement
  • Certificate
The data type for each of these is Byte String.  However, there is no reference about how to handle these, even though support is mandatory.

If we make support of the Credential structure mandatory, I highly recommend that the exact format of the Byte String be specified for each Credential Type.  Otherwise, I don't see how to test this requirement to support the Credential structure.  As a bare minimum, we should define the binary structure of the Username & Password item, since it seems to be the lowest common denominator.

This is an elaboration of comment Sun-02, which requests a reference given for all items listed in section 9.1.3.

fn:Matt Ball
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc.;Key Management
adr:;;500 El Dorado Blvd, Bldg 5;Broomfield;CO;80021;U.S.A.
title:Staff Engineer

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