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Subject: OASIS TC subcommittee process

hi -

in our meeting last week, I said I'd look into the subcommittee process,
to see if it was a good idea for the on-going discussion of object

The process for forming a subcommittee is defined in the OASIS technical
committee policies and procedures
2.14 TC Subcommittees
The TC may by Resolution create a subcommittee (SC). The Resolution must
be minuted, and must include the name, statement of purpose, list of
deliverables, and name of the Chair of the SC. All of these items must
fall within the Charter of the TC and conform to OASIS policy.
The deliverables of the SC are made only to the TC. Members of the SC
must first be Members of the TC. Observers of a TC may be Observers of a
SC, but may not become SC members without first becoming a Member of the
TC. An SC member may resign from the SC and remain a Member of the TC.

So if the TC would like to create a subcommittee, we'd need to have a
motion with the above information put to a vote. It seems that this may
be more than is needed for the object group discussion, and that it
might be best to continue with the discussion on the TC list for now?
But certainly if anyone is interested in taking the lead in establishing
a subcommittee, by all means do so!



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