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Subject: upcoming events for KMIP implementors and SNIA SSIF interoperabilityspeaking opportunities

We have an event Sept 20th - 23rd at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara - the SNIA Storage Developers Conference - exact data and time has not been finalized but i have a speaking slot accepted for KMIP. Here is a link to the site:


The next two opportunities are at the Storage Networking World events - one is Oct 11 - 14th at the Gaylord in Dallas:


The other is Oct 26 and 27th at the Congress Frankfurt in Germany:


We have introductions to key management and encryption with a panel of implementers accepted for the agenda.

The Storage Security Industry Forum of the Storage Networking Industry Association organizes these sessions and we have our normal 2PM EDT Monday meeting which we are opening up to the OASIS TC to discuss our proposed alliance work on developing KMIP interoperability testing and hosting a web site for results of the tests and marketing the KMIP implementers who participate.

TELECONFERENCE: 1-888-566-8440 PASSCODE: 202078

http://snia.webex.com to locate the meeting.

STSM, Technical Strategy Security and Storage Software
102 Thorncliff Circle
Cary, NC 27513
(1) 919 469 5725 - office
(1) 919 605 0331 - mobile

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