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Subject: RE: IDtrust Member Section Request to Affiliated Technical Committees -- response on behalf of KMIP TC

hi  -


my apologies for not responding sooner -- I was out on vacation and unfortunately overlooked this email on my Blackberry!


- I do not know of any special requests of IDtrust on behalf of KMIP TC, but will ask today at our TC meeting.


- KMIP TC would be happy to speak about our progress at the “Identity Management 2010 Conference,”  27-28 September 2010. I anticipate that either myself or Subhash Sankuratripati (as co-chairs) will be the speaker.


- I am happy to speak with the Steering Committee on 4-Aug regarding KMIP TC status.






From: Dee Schur [mailto:dee.schur@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2010 9:33 AM
To: stefan@drees.name; cruellas@ac.upc.edu; Timothy.Bruce@ca.com; peter.davis@neustar.biz; drummond.reed@xdi.org; tonynad@microsoft.com; anil.saldhana@redhat.com; mgoodner@microsoft.com; Griffin, Robert; Subhash.Sankuratripati@netapp.com; mmani@avaya.com; n-sakimura@nri.co.jp; barnhill_william@bah.com; idtrust-sc@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: IDtrust Member Section Request to Affiliated Technical Committees


Hi IDtrust TCs chairs,

As we begin the second half of 2010, I am reaching out to the TCs that are affiliated with the IDtrust Member Section for three reasons.

First, as you know, the Member Section provides a level of support to drive visibility of affiliated TC’s and help with special needs in support of your work.  Therefore, the Steering Committee (StC) – John Bradley, June Leung, Michael McIntosh, John Sabo, and Anil Saldhana -  is inviting your TC to consider potential activities that will increase adoption or advance your technical work and visibility. This may be coordinating potential speaking opportunities at various security events, sponsorship of F2F meetings, assistance with outreach to increase TC membership, creating marketing materials, etc.  Please let me know if you have specific initiatives where the Member section can help with support.  If you send me any requests by 30 July (let me know if you need more time), I will include the request on the agenda for the Steering Committee as part of its budget and planning review. You are also welcome to join a  Steering Committee meeting to outline specific funding requests. As the MS coordinator, I am available to help with this process.

Second, we would like to invite a member of your TC to present the work of the TC at the upcoming OASIS “Identity Management 2010 Conference,”  27-28 September 2010.  This conference will be hosted by the World Bank in Washington, D.C., http://events.oasis-open.org/home/IDM/2010. This is a great chance to showcase your work and interact with other OASIS security TCs

 Third, we invite you or a TC member to update the Steering Committee on your progress. The next StC meeting is 4 August at 3:00PM ET. Could you possibly be available anytime from 3:00PM to 4:30PM on 4 August?

We are very excited about the continued growth of the IDtrust Member Section and we would like to encourage all of your TC member organizations to participate in the IDtrust MS, if they are not currently doing so. Please feel free to contact me or the Steering Committee at any time.




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