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Subject: ideas for F2F agenda

hi -

in addition to working on outstanding V1.1 enhancements to KMIP, it
would be great to take advantage of the F2F to drive forward in several
areas new areas, such as client registration, server-to-server
communication, new profiles, and so on.  Would it be useful to dedicate
the afternoon on the 29th to small group working sessions on these
topics? If so, we might do something like the following:

Monday/Tuesday (Sept 27/28): Identity Management Conference
- Panel session on encryption / key management is on Tuesday at 11 am

Wed. 29-Sep (all times EDT)

9-10 am: welcome, agenda

10-12: V1.1 topics
- outstanding proposals
- schedule for completing V1.1

12-1: lunch

1-4: small group workshops on v2.0 topics
- client registration
- server-to-server communication
- profiles

4-5: review / discussion of small group results

Thursday 30-Sep

9-10: de-brief from day 1
10-12: V2.0 planning
12 noon: adjourn

looking forward to discussing these ideas in our call this morning.



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