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Subject: organizing communication to OASIS membership regarding KMIP V1.0

hi -

in today's call, I'd like to discuss how to organize our communication
to OASIS membership regarding the vote on KMIP V1.0 as OASIS standard.
By way of background, I've included below the list of member
organizations eligible to vote on acceptance of committee specifications
as OASIS standards from



Active Endpoints, Inc. <http://www.activevos.com> 
Adobe Systems <http://www.adobe.com> 
Alcatel-Lucent <http://www.alcatel.com> 
Alfresco Software <http://www.alfresco.com> 
AOL* <http://www.aol.com> 
ASG Software Solutions <http://www.asg.com> 
AtHoc, Inc.* <http://www.athoc.com> 
Avaya, Inc. <http://www.avaya.com> 
Axway Software* <http://www.axway.com> 
Booz Allen Hamilton* <http://www.bah.com> 
Bridge Energy Group Inc. <http://www.bridgeenergygroup.com> 
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. <http://www.brocade.com> 
CA* <http://www.ca.com> 
Capgemini <http://www.capgemini.com> 
CATCert-Agencia Catalana de Certificacio <http://www.catcert.net> 
Cisco Systems, Inc.* <http://www.cisco.com> 
Citrix Systems, Inc. <http://www.citrix.com> 
Cognizant Technology Solutions <http://www.cognizant.com> 
Comtech Services, Inc.* <http://www.comtech-serv.com> 
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. <http://www.newenergy.com> 
CPower <http://www.cpowered.com> 
Day Software <http://www.day.com> 
Desktop Alert Inc. <http://www.desktopalert.net> 
dotCMS <http://www.dotcms.org> 
eBay, Inc. <http://www.ebay.com> 
EMC Corporation <http://www.emc.com> 
EnerNOC <http://www.enernoc.com> 
Environment Canada <http://www.ec.gc.ca> 
FatWire <http://www.fatwire.com> 
fme AG <http://www.fme.de> 
Fujitsu Limited* <http://www.fujitsu.com> 
General Services Administration <http://www.idmanagement.gov> 
Grid Net <http://www.grid-net.com> 
Hewlett-Packard* <http://www.hp.com> 
Hitachi, Ltd. <http://www.hitachi.co.jp> 
IBM <http://www.ibm.com> 
Intel Corporation <http://www.intel.com> 
ISIS Papyrus America Inc. <http://www.isis-papyrus.com> 
Jericho Systems Corporation <http://www.jerichosystems.com> 
Liferay, Inc. <http://www.liferay.com> 
LSC Group Ltd* <http://www.lsc.co.uk> 
MadCap Software Inc. <http://www.madcapsoftware.com> 
Microsoft Corporation <http://www.microsoft.com> 
Moravia IT a,s, <http://www.moraviaworldwide.com> 
NEC Corporation* <http://www.nec.com> 
Neustar, Inc.* <http://www.neustar.biz> 
NIST* <http://www.nist.gov> 
Nokia Corporation* <http://www.nokia.com> 
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI)* <http://www.nri.com> 
North American Energy Standards Board <http://www.naesb.org> 
Novell* <http://www.novell.com> 
Nuxeo <http://www.nuxeo.com> 
Open Text Corporation <http://www.opentext.com> 
Oracle Corporation <http://www.oracle.com> 
Ping Identity Corporation* <http://pingidentity.com> 
Primeton Technologies, Inc. <http://www.primeton.com> 
Progress Software <http://www.progress.com> 
PTC* <http://www.ptc.com> 
Quark <http://www.quark.com> 
Red Hat <http://www.redhat.com> 
SafeNet, Inc. <http://safenet-inc.com> 
Sandia National Laboratories <http://www.sandia.gov> 
SAP AG* <http://www.sap.com> 
Saperion AG <http://www.saperion.com> 
SAS Institute Inc. <http://www.sas.com> 
Skyworth TTG Holdings Limited <http://www.skyworthttg.com> 
Software AG, Inc.* <http://www.softwareag.com> 
Symantec Corp.* <http://www.symantec.com> 
The Boeing Company* <http://www.boeing.com> 
TIBCO Software Inc. <http://www.tibco.com> 
Tres Amigas LLC <http://www.tresamigasllc.com> 
US Air Force Office of Warfighting Integration CIO
US Department of Defense (DoD)* <http://www.disa.mil> 
Vanguard Integrity Professionals <http://go2vanguard.com> 
Venafi, Inc. <http://www.venafi.com> 
VeriSign <http://www.verisign.com> 
Veterans Health Administration <http://www.va.gov> 
Voltage Security <http://www.voltage.com> 
Warning Systems, Inc.* <http://www.warningsystems.com> 
WeWebU Software AG <http://www.wewebu-software.com> 

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