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Subject: updated proposed agenda for F2F

Hi -

here's an updated proposal for the F2F agenda. 

It looks like we'll have only one additional room for the workshops, so
we'll probably only have one larger group and one smaller group for each
of the two V2.0 workshop sessions in the afternoon.

I've added in the checkpoints that we discussed last week, and pushed
out the end-time for day 1 to 5:30 to accommodate them.

Wed. 29-Sep (all times EDT)

9-10 am: welcome, roll call, agenda, previous minutes

10-12: V1.1 topics
- review outstanding V1.1 proposals
	- Access control
	- Groups
	- Key wrap
- schedule for completing V1.1

12-1: lunch

1 - 1:30: reconvene / checkpoint 
1:30-2:30 workshops on v2.0 topics
- client registration (large room)
- - trust establishment (small room)
2:30-2:45 break

2:45 - 3:45 workshops on v2.0 topics
- server-to-server communication (large room)
- storage client profile (small room)
3:45-4: break
4-5: review / discussion of group results
5 - 5:30: checkpoint
5:30 adjourn

Thursday 30-Sep

9-10: de-brief from day 1
10-12: V2.0 planning
11:30 - 12: checkpoint
12 noon: adjourn

Subhash will lead the discussion of this agenda in the KMIP TC call on
Thursday this week. 



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