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Subject: RE: FW: [kmip] KMIP :: Doubts

Hi Trinath,

> I have doubt at this point.
> “ It is not okay to send UUID. You can obtain the Name(s) for the Template
> with a given UUID using Get Attribute, and then use this Name to refer to
> the Template in Register, Create etc. operations.”

> Since name attribute has instances too, then a template can have
> multiple names.. and same names get repeated for other templates cn
> be a possibility. In that case UUID of template will be a helpful one.


Templates can indeed have multiple instances of the Name attribute. You
can use to any of these Names when referring to the Template in Create,
Register etc. operations. However, since Names are required to be unique
within a key management domain (see Section 3.2 in the spec), a conflict
between two Templates (i.e., two Templates having the same Name(s)) is
not possible.


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