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Subject: first cut at actions / minutes from last week's face-to-face

hi -

I haven't been able to finish deciphering my hand-written notes from the F2F afternoon session yet, particularly from the discussion of the registration use cases. But I think I have captured all the action items from our f2f, as well as most of the morning and early afternoon discussion.  I

f you have a chance to review these notes before our TC meeting tomorrow, that's great -- any corrections/additions/deletions are very welcome! But we won't move to accept the minutes until the  completed version has been posted and everyone has had time enough to review it.

I'll wait to post the minutes to the KMIP document repository until i've had a chance to finish them (hopefully tomorrow!).



Actions (from attached pdf)

*       Bob N: write up proposal for "get key" client profile and any related changes to protocol
*       Bob L: write up proposal for client querying server for supported capabilities / profiles
*       Tim H: write up proposal for vendor extension management process
*       Mathias: lead the writing up of summary of extensions required for interop
*       Indra /Bruce: write up proposal for negotiating protocol version
*       Alan.: update client registration proposal
*       Robert H: write up ideas on how to address multiple versions in protocol/spec
*       Krishna: write up proposal for addressing key group use case
*       Robert H: write up proposal for access control
*       Alan F: address issue of updating password in credential object
*       Alan/Bruce/Mathias: write up proposal for credential format
*       SteveW: check into possibility of UNH support for interop
*       Gordon: write storage client profile proposal and related changes to protocol
*       BobG: invite OASIS administration to next KMIP TC call to discuss OASIS support for interop
*       Bob G: initiate strawpoll on next F2F location/date
*       Bob G: write draft of new format for Profiles document, including test cases and guidance as well as client/server interactions
*       BobG: write draft of guidance for writing profiles

KMIP TC f2f feb_18_2011.pdf

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