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Subject: Groups - kmip-usecases-1.1-cd-01.doc uploaded

This document builds on the KMIP v1.0 Use Cases Committee Specification
document. New use cases since v1.0 of the document (see details below) have
been added without change tracking based on the documents with proposed use
cases circulated within the TC and the interop-group. Changes and fixes
made to these and existing use cases are with change tracking.

Section Time    Page    Change
1.1     -       6       Updated KMIP document references to v1.1 Committee
Draft 01
1.1     -       6       Added normative reference to NISTKeyWrap
1.2     -       6       Added non-normative reference to KMIP-UG
3.1.3   0       13      Updated text to reflect the correct cryptographic
algorithm and length of the 168-bit 3DES key
3.1.5   0       27      Changed the Cryptographic Usage Mask from Verify to
Derive Key when registering a Secret Object
8       -       64      Minor edits to the section introduction text
8.1     0       65      Reordered Private and Public Key Unique Identifiers
in the Create Key Pair response, changed the tags from Unique Identifier to
Private/Public Key Unique Identifier
9.5     -       100     Added text to clarify that the fact that the Obtain
Lease request fails for a compromised key is due to server policy
12      -       123     Minor edits to the section introduction text
12.2    -       125     Added new Query Vendor Extensions use case as
13      -       126     Added use cases for asymmetric key profiles as use
cases 13.1-13.4
14      -       177     Added v1.1 key wrapping use case as 14.1.
14.1    0       178     Corrected the cryptographic length to indicate
length in bits
14.1    1       179     Corrected the name of the key that is being
registered to dataKey
14.1    1       179     Corrected the cryptographic length to indicate
length in bits
15      -       183     Added v1.1 groups use cases as 15.1 and 15.2,
Object Group Member tag value used is 0x4200AC (Fresh to be inserted as
0x4200A8 in post-KMIP v1.1 Specification CD-01)
15.2.           186     Removed "optional" from the description of the
Fresh attribute

 -- Mathias Bjorkqvist

The document named kmip-usecases-1.1-cd-01.doc has been submitted by
Mathias Bjorkqvist to the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol
(KMIP) TC document repository.

Document Description:
Initial draft of v1.1 Use Cases document including use cases for new v1.1
functionality and fixes/corrections to existing v1.0 use cases.

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-OASIS Open Administration

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