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Subject: creator/owner

Although the access control proposal is not in the list of changes in the draft
KMIP 1.1 specification I would like to see one area in the specification cleaned
up and will call a motion to have creator->owner changes made in the KMIP 1.1
specification as this clears up an area of inconsistency.


i.e. the tables which list policy which have 'creator' are changed to state
'owner' and the text referring to 'creator' also changed to 'owner'.

This makes the concept match what is intended (and noted the usage guide)
without getting entangled in how to define "Owner" - i.e. this is just changing
the English being used and not introducing a new concept.

There is also a single instance of 'creator' in the usage guide which should
also be changed (matching the single usage of 'owner' in the usage guide).

The profiles proposal should also have the concept of Creator changed to Owner
which continues to remain 'undefined' in terms of the scope of the KMIP
specification but at least the concept will match consistently across the documents.


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