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Subject: Re: [kmip] Groups - Cryptographic Length of Certificates Proposal(KMIPCertificateLengthProposal.doc) uploaded

> We can discuss this on the Thursday call.
That's why I sent the feedback to the list - so TC members have an opportunity to consider the topic and respond to the list prior to the call ... or discuss on the call.

>> I can see a use in this matching "Cryptographic Length" of the public key contained with in the certificate.
> [JAF] The Public Key will be linked to the Certificate and that will have the Cryptographic Length of the key

The public key may or may not be present as a managed object so it cannot be relied on being present.

If we want to support the concept of operations like locate-all-certificates-that-use-2048-bit-public-keys (not an unreasonable request to expect to be able to perform) then the information needs to be represented directly as an attribute on the Certificate managed object.


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