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Subject: approaches to identifying deprecated items in KMIP v1.1

Hi –


Following up to our discussion last week about deprecated items, I took a look at various other OASIS TC docs.


First, regarding the use of the term “deprecated”. It is consistently used to refer to items that will be removed in a future version. For example:


For example, from the SAML V1.1 core spec:


“This element is deprecated; use of this element SHOULD be avoided because it is planned to be

747 removed in the next major version of SAML.”


And from the SAML V2.0 core spec:


Note: Several identifiers that were deprecated in SAML V1.1 have been removed for SAML V2.0.”



Second, with regard to how deprecation is done, the approach in the SAML and XACML spec is to put deprecation notes inline in spec.


For example, from the XACML V3.0 spec:


These identifiers are associated with previous versions of XACML and newer alternatives exist in XACML 3922 3.0. They are planned to be deprecated at some unspecified point in the future. It is RECOMMENDED 3923 that these identifiers not be used in new polices and requests.



It seems reasonable to take the same approach with the certificate attributes in KMIP V1.1.





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