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Subject: moving the KMIP V1.1 working drafts to Committee Drafts, and initiating public review

Hi –


I’ve included below the relevant sections of the OASIS TC process (http://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process#committeeDraft)  for our next steps in finalizing the KMIP V1.1 docs. We’ll review these during the TC meeting today in the expectation of being able to vote in next week’s meeting (probably not today) on 1) promoting the documents to committee drafts (“Committee Specification Draft” for spec and profiles, “Committee Note Draft” for use cases and usage guide) and 2) requesting OASIS admin to initiate a public review.






3.1 Approval of a Committee Draft

The TC may at any stage during development of a Work Product approve a Working Draft as a Committee Specification Draft or Committee Note Draft, as appropriate. Approval of these drafts shall require a Full Majority Vote of the TC. The TC may approve a Working Draft, revise it, and re-approve it any number of times as a Committee Specification Draft or Committee Note Draft.

3.2 Public Review of a Committee Draft

Before the TC can approve a Committee Specification Draft as a Committee Specification, or a Committee Note Draft as a Committee Note, the TC must conduct a public review of the work. The decision by the TC to submit the draft for public review requires a Full Majority Vote, and must be accompanied by a recommendation from the TC of external stakeholders who should be notified of the review. The draft approved to go to review shall be called a Committee Specification Public Review Draft or Committee Note Public Review Draft, as appropriate. The public review must be announced by the TC Administrator to the OASIS Membership list and optionally on other public mail lists; the TC Administrator shall at the same time issue a call for IPR disclosure for Committee Specification Public Review Drafts.

Comments from non-TC Members must be collected via the TC's archived public comment facility; comments made through any other means (unless made by a TC Member via the TC email list) shall not be accepted. The TC must acknowledge the receipt of each comment, track the comments received, and post to its primary e-mail list its disposition of each comment at the end of the review period.


Note also the following information on Designated Cross References (Section 2.19), indicating that we do not do a “Designated Cross-Reference Change” at this stage in finalizing our V1.1 documents.


A TC wishing to update the Normative References or non-Normative References in one of its OASIS Work Products to reflect the outcome of a pending status change in another OASIS Work Product may do so, by adopting a "Designated Cross-Reference Change" as part of its Work Product Approval Motion…. Designated Cross Reference Changes may only be made on Work Product Approval Motions for Committee Notes, Committee Specifications, and Candidate OASIS Standards.

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