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Subject: organizations to notify regarding KMIP V1.1 public review

Hi –


As we discussed last week, we’ll need to give OASIS Admin the names and contact information for any organizations that we would like to be notified of the public review of the KMIP V1.1 docs. The organizations that I noted down in the call are:


-          IETF Keyprov (BobG to provide contact info)

-          IETF Security Area Advisory Group (SAAG) (contact info received from Thomas H.)

-          XACML TC (Hal to provide contact info)

-          T11 (BobL to provide contact info)

-          X.9 (BobL to provide contact info)

-          ISO (Subhash to provide contact info)


Please let me know if there are any other organizations that we should include in this list (I think one of the INCITS SC’s might have been mentioned as well?)






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