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Subject: guidance from OASIS admin on initiating public review of committee drafts for approval as committee specifications

Here is how to proceed in order to proceed swiftly and smoothly.

1. Don't bother with the change bars. In fact, when you are ready to
have the TC approve them, please accept all the changes so that the
document is clean. If a diff doc is needed for the public review,
we'll create it on our side.

2. If you plan to approve all of these for public review with one TC
vote, please put them all into a single ZIP file, load it to Kavi, and
then include the Kavi link in your motion so that I have it in the
approval minutes. For example, a motion like:

"Does the TC approve the release of <document x, y and z> version #.#
contained in the ZIP file at <url to the file in Kavi> as Committee
Specification <or Note, depending> Drafts and approve these drafts for
release for 15 day public review?"

Gives me everything I need. I ask that you include the ZIP file link
so that I can connect the dots in the record. If you approve a ZIP
URL containing everything the TC is approving for release and then use
that same URL in your TC Admin ticket, there can then be no question
that what the TC approved is exactly what TC Admin put out for public

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