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Subject: first draft of decisions / actions / questions from KMIP face-to-face

Hi –


In prep for our KMIP TC meeting this week, here’s a first cut at decision / actions / questions from the face-to-face.






Decisions made at KMIP face-to-face



·         We will not extend the KMIP V1.1 first round public review (consensus of meeting)


·         We will rename KMIP Use Cases Version 1.1 to KMIP Test Cases Version 1.1 (voice vote)


·         Mike Allen is editor for new KMIP Use Cases V1.2 (consensus)


·         Rename the entity sub group to 'use cases' sub-group, meeting at the same time but every 2 weeks




II. Actions Items from KMIP face-to-face


Action Items related to V1.1:


·         Bob/Subhash: schedule discussion/vote/straw poll on SNIA interop at future KMIP TC call


·         Tim: proposal for update/errata to KMIP V1.1 Test Cases and other docs based on interop


·         BobG/Judy: Based on comments from Ronald (China), determine whether there are additional usage scenarios that would have to be captured for rekey for 1.1



Action items related to V1.2:


·         Bob/Subhash: Investigate what is required to expand the KMIP TC charter


·         All: volunteer requested for co-editor for KMIP Use Cases V1.2


·         MikeA / BobG: create template for use cases


·         Stan: write up registration / bootstrapping trust proposal


·         Denis: lead write up of admin use cases / proposal for V1.2


·         Bob/Subhash: schedule each vendor demoing their admin interface in future KMIP TC call


·         Kiran: Lead write up of Use cases for cloud for V1.2


·         Saikat/Denis: Lead write up of HSM use cases for V1.2


·         Bob L: Lead write up of server-to-server use cases / proposal for V1.2


·         John Leiseboer: Lead write up of QKD use cases / proposal for V1.2


·         Mike A: write up PGP use cases / Proposal for V1.2


·         Subhash/Bob: Rethink strategy around profiles (include test cases, etc) for V1.2


·         Bob/Subhash: check with TC Admin on implications of making profiles non-normative





III. Questions from KMIP face-to-face


Do we consider pulling the attribute index change from 1.1


For V1.2 interop, look into how we help vendors specify what it means to support KMIP


Should we consider adding support for HTTP POST in 1.2 as it makes going thro' corporate proxies much easier.


Vendors shipping products should create use cases based on how they are using KMIP


Should we consider bare bones cryptographic operation support for V1.2?


V1.2 NIST states: State attribute has to be changed to accommodate these two new states; Judy to look at it from a certificate state perspective


Should we consider payment use cases for 1.2


Do we include some level on xacml support in V1.2?













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