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Subject: Fwd: Save the Date: NIST Key Management Workshop (Sept 10-11, 2012)


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Subject: Save the Date: NIST Key Management Workshop (Sept 10-11, 2012)
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 12:25:40 -0400
From: Caswell, Sara J. <sara.caswell@nist.gov>
To: 'tjh@cryptsoft.com' <tjh@cryptsoft.com>

NIST is conducting a two-day Key Management workshop on September 10-11. The subject of the workshop is the technical and administrative aspects of Cryptographic Key Management Systems (CKMSs) that currently exist and may be required for U.S. Federal use in the future.  The first day will review the DRAFT NIST Special Publication 800-130 (“A Framework for Designing CKMS”) and the DRAFT NIST Special Publication 800-152 (“A Profile for U.S. Federal CKMS”) and solicit comments from the workshop participants on the DRAFT documents.  The second day will focus on CKMS capabilities in future security products and services in new U.S. Federal Information Systems.  Input from Workshop participants will be solicited regarding the utility and feasibility of these capabilities as well as suggestions for other technical capabilities required in future CKMSs.


Further information will be posted on http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/ST/key_mgmt/ as it becomes available.


Cryptographic Key Management (CKM) is a fundamental part of cryptographic technology and is considered one of the most difficult aspects associated with its use. Of particular concern are the scalability of the methods used to distribute keys and the usability of these methods. NIST has undertaken an effort to improve the overall key management strategies used by the public and private sectors in order to enhance the usability of cryptographic technology, provide scalability across cryptographic technologies, and support a global cryptographic key management infrastructure.


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