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Subject: thoughts on tomorrow's agenda

Hi –


I’d like to suggest a couple of changes in the agenda for the face-to-face that I think will make it as productive as possible and also help us in making as much progress as possible in addressing the most important issues in our next release(s).


-          As we discussed in the last TC call, if at least 3 of the S0Us are ready for tomorrow, we’ll address the V1.1 OASIS candidate docs first thing tomorrow. (I’m still waiting to hear from Mathias and Bob on whether the IBM and/or Thales SoUs will be ready.)


-          I’d like to take some time to discuss how things went with V1.1, especially what we might do differently in the coming months to make progress more quickly. I’ll send around some thoughts on this later today, but would like to have an open discussion of this before we get into use cases and such.


-          For the use cases, I’d like to have only a single session for each area of use cases (admin, clouds, HSM, etc) in which we do a high-level review both of what the use cases cover in that area and of what the implications are.  Doing this walk-through of all the use case areas on Wednesday would give us a good basis for making general decisions on Thursday morning of what we want to focus on for the rest of the face-to-face, so that we progress as far as we can in getting Into detailed discussion of V1.2.


-          For the discussion  of the SNIA KMIP testbed, we’ll have folks from SNIA joining us. Since they’re not yet members of the TC, however, we’ll have to adjourn the meeting for the day and convene what the OASIS folks call an “informal call-in session” that the SNIA folks can participate in. I think it will be most convenient to do this at the end of the day on Thursday (that is, about 4pm or so). I’ll be checking with the SINA folks on that date/time.

We’ll discuss the agenda first thing tomorrow, but I wanted to put these ideas on the table beforehand so everyone could have a chance to think about them.  I’ll put together an updated agenda this evening reflecting these ideas and send it around, so we have that to work from tomorrow.


‘Til then!





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