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Subject: possible timeline for V1.2

Hi –


One way to plan KMIP V1.2 would be to start with a target date for when vendors might be able to have the V1.2 functionality available in their products for announcement at a major event. RSA Conference US 2014 (end-Feb 2014) might be a good target for this.  We might


Working backwards:


End-Feb 2014: product announcements at RSA Conference US

End-Nov 2013: product functionality complete, followed by 3 months Q/A.

End-Aug 2013: product development committed based on Committee Specs, followed by 3 months development


End-Oct 2013: docs approved as OASIS Standards

End-Aug 2013: Committee Specifications approved and published, followed by initiating vote by OASIS membership

End-June 2013: Second public review ends, followed by 2 months for ballots, doc prep etc

End-April 2013: First public review ends, followed by 2 months for addressing comments, initiating second public review (15 days)

Mid-Mar 2013: First public review starts (30 days)

End-Feb 2013: docs approved as Committee drafts (also interop at RSA Conference), followed by 2 weeks to initiate public review


That would give us about 5 months (mid-Sept 2012 through end-Feb 2013) for developing the V1.2 docs and interop testing on V1.2 additions and changes.  That’s a lot shorter than for V1.1 (15 months). Is that feasible as a time-box we can work in? Or is that too unrealistic? Is it worthwhile considering product implementations/announcements in determining our target dates?




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