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Subject: Cryptographic Services Proposal - Next Steps

Those who attended today's KMIP TC meeting will know that a motion to go to ballot with the Cryptographic Services Proposal as it stands failed. I am sending this email hoping to understand how much interest there still is among KMIP TC members to proceed with a "get random" and/or "do crypto" proposal, or proposals.

If there is interest, please reply to me and/or the group. If you can also indicate your willingness and ability to contribute to the development that would be good.

I have said before that Q'Labs will be proceeding with development of object-based, managed "get random" using KMIP. I would prefer to see this work proceed as an approved work item in the TC. However, even if this is not the case, Q'Labs will contribute sufficient details of the implementation to allow other vendors to develop interoperable implementations.

The artefacts that will be produced include a detailed use case document, specification changes, usage guide documentation, and test cases. The intent is to support all the capabilities that I have previously discussed in TC meetings, in emails, and in contributed documents. I also intend to provide a security target and analysis of the specification. The documents that I have previously contributed to the TC on this subject should give you all a good idea of the intended design and capability. But if you have questions, please ask.

So again, if there is interest in either "get random", or "do crypto", please let me know; also if you are willing and able to contribute in some way.


John Leiseboer                           QuintessenceLabs Pty Ltd
Chief Technology Officer                 Suite 23, Physics Building #38
Phone:  +61 7 5494 9291 (Qld)            Science Road
Phone:  +61 2 6125 9498 (ACT)            Australian National University
Mobile: +61 409 487 510                  Acton ACT 0200
Fax:    +61 2 6125 7180                  AUSTRALIA
Email:  jl@quintessencelabs.com          www.quintessencelabs.com

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