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Subject: PKCS #11 standard moving into OASIS as a new technical committee

Hi –


For some time now the standards leadership in EMC has been working on getting permission to move PKCS #11 into OASIS as a new technical committee. Our hope is that having PKCS #11 established under the auspices of a well-established standards organization will enable us to leverage the robust processes and technical infrastructure in OASIS to facilitate the broad industry involvement we’ve had in PKCS #11 in the past.


The RSA team has just received approval to initiate the transition. We’re working with OASIS on an announcement and so on, but I wanted to make sure that everyone in KMIP TC knows of this decision, as one of the areas of potential enhancement for PKCS #11 is integration with KMIP.


I hope you will consider participating in the new PKCS #11 Technical Committee!






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