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Subject: KMIP plans for (early) 2013

Happy New Year!


On Monday I’ll be sending around the updated agenda for our next KMIP call, on Thursday 10-Jan.  But as we start the new year, there were a couple of major things that I wanted to call to everyone’s attention:


-          The OASIS membership ballot for promoting the V1.1 docs to OASIS standards should be starting early next week and hopefully will pass without any issues. This represents such a lot of work by so many people that I’d like to make sure that we publicize it – and celebrate it.  To that end, I’d like to hold a celebratory dinner following the second day of our face-to-face in February, inviting everyone to join the evening.  We’ll finalize plans as we get closer to the face-to-face, but please try to join us for the dinner – even if you can’t make it to the face-to-face (though I certainly hope you will!).


-          The face-to-face will be on Thursday/Friday February 21/22 at the NetApp facility in Sunnyvale California (Subhash, it is Sunnyvale?). I’ll put together a draft agenda to discuss in our TC call on 10-Jan – I expect we will follow a similar schedule to our last face-to-face: Thursday 10:30 – 17:00, Friday 08:00-17:00. We will have concall and webex facilities for those who can’t join in person. But please do join us in person if you can!


-          The KMIP interop will take place the following week in the exhibition hall at RSA Conference 2013, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. If you’re not participating in the interop, please consider stopping by to see it and encouraging other folks from your organization to do so.


-           Also, Tim and I are doing a session at RSA Conference on Tuesday 26-Feb at 3:50 pm (room 305) “Keys in the Clouds” that will include discussion of KMIP. Please join us for this as well, if you can. We’d love to recognize KMIP members in the audience!


-          Finally, Neil McEvoy has just published the newest edition of his e-magazine TRANSFORM (http://EHealth-Cloud.info), including an article based on the materials for the RSA Conference session. Many thanks to all those who helped in creating this article – including the work by everyone who helped with the cloud use cases and the KMIP webinars, which formed the basis of the deployment models discussed in the article.





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