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Subject: more detailed agenda for today's KMIP TC call

Hi –


Here’s a more detailed version of the proposed agenda for today’s KMIP TC call:


·  Update on V1.1 Candidate OASIS standards

-          How to encourage votes by OASIS membership

-          V1.1 errata

·  Changes in KMIP TC membership

-          Implications for co-editing of KMIP docs

·  OASIS discussion on addressing comments from public reviews (I’ll distribute the email from Chet shortly)

·         Status of KMIP visibility

o   RSA Conf

o   TRANSFORM magazine

·  Status/follow-up on December ballots

o   ECC algorithms

o   MDO proposal 

o   Deprecation rule

·         Status of outstandingV1.2 work items

  • Interop 
  • Name proposal
  • Usage Guide / Use Case on attested Get
  • Crypto / get random
  • Template proposal
  • PGP proposal
  • Usage guide text on client registration models
  • Usage limits proposal
  • Profiles
  • Coordination with US gov key management strategy
  • V1.2 doc structures


For the discussion of the face-to-face agenda, I’ve suggested the following topics (in the attached email):



-    Status

-    Errata

-    Publicity



-    Finalizing Use Cases

-    Finalizing spec/UG

-    Finalizing profiles

-    Interop testing

-    Visibility/publicity

-    Coordination/integration with other standards

-    TC re-charter

-    V1.2 doc public reviews, schedule, etc


Post v1.2

-    Use case brainstorming

-    Functionality brainstorming

-    Visibility brainstorming

-    Experimentation proposal (Kiran)


The doc also contains the shell of the schedule for the Thursday/Friday. After today’s discussion of the topics, I’ll do a cut at slotting those topics into the agenda.


Talk to you at 4 pm EST!






Attachment: f2f agenda 10jan13.docx
Description: f2f agenda 10jan13.docx

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