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Subject: agenda for this week's KMIP TC call

Hi –


I’m having problems updating the KMIP calendar from the hotel here in London.  I expect that we’ll discuss the following topics this week:


KMIP TC weekly concall

1 Opening remarks/roll call
2 Approval of the agenda
3 Approval of previous meeting minutes (6-Dec, 13-Dec)
4 Old Business

-          Update on V1.1 Candidate OASIS standards

-          V1.2 work items

o   Template proposal (Tim/Bruce)

o   Name proposal (BobL)

o   PGP proposal (DaveF, Judy)

o   Usage guide text on client registration models (BobG / Gordon / Stan)

o   Usage guide text on attested Get (Kelley)

o   (Possible) Proposals related to crypto and get random (Tim / John)


5 New Business
6 Review Action Items
7 Adjournment




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