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Subject: KMIP 1.2 interop

Based on feedback to date, we are now targeting the next round of
interop for KMIP 1.2 in preparation for statements of use. The formal
interop is tentatively scheduled for July 15th through to July 26th (the
usual two week period).

For those vendors who have not already responded and for any non-KMIP TC
members who are looking at participating and making a statement of use
under the revised TC process rules, please respond either privately or
on-list at your discretion so we can commence planning the interop-tech

Each vendor needs to indicate which areas of capability are likely to be
ready for interop testing in the June/July time frame around any of the
functionality areas for which tests are pending and for any of the new
profiles for which tests have already been defined.

The areas of new functionality for KMIP 1.2 are:
A1) ECC Curves
A2) Meta-Data Only
A3) Alternative Name
A4) PGP Key
A5) Cryptographic Services
A6) Attestation
A7) Create and Join Split Key

The profiles and test cases for KMIP 1.2 are:

T0) KMIP Test Cases (document pending update with tests for A1-A4,A6-A7)

P1) KMIP Profiles
    P1a) Baseline KMIP Client
    P1b) Baseline KMIP Server
    P1c) Complete KMIP Server
P2) KMIP Additional Encodings Profile
    P2a) HTTPS Profile
    P2b) KMIP JSON Profile
    P2c) KMIP XML Profile
P3) KMIP Symmetric Key Foundry FIPS140 Profile
P4) KMIP Symmetric Key Life-Cycle Profile
P5) KMIP Asymmetric Key Life-Cycle Profile
P6) KMIP Opaque Managed Object Store Profile
P7) KMIP Cryptographic Services Profile
    P7a) Baseline Cryptographic Server
    P7b) Baseline Cryptographic Client
    P7c) RNG Cryptographic Server
    P7d) RNG Cryptographic Client
    P7e) Advanced Cryptographic Server
    P7f) Advanced Crypto Client
P8) KMIP Symmetric Key Cloud Server Profile
P9) KMIP Tape Library Profile
P10) KMIP Storage Array with Self-Encrypting Drives Profile

Note: a number of the new profile documents are version independent and
cover KMIP 1.0 and/or KMIP 1.1 and/or KMIP 1.2.

As per previous interops the rules for the interop will be agreed
amongst the participants and published prior to the commencement of the


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