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Subject: Review requested for proposed revisions to OASIS KMIP TC charter

To KMIP TC member organizations:


There are several areas that we are working on in KMIP V1.2 that are to some degree at odds with items specified in the out-of-scope section of our current KMIP TC charter.


- We have defined cloud and server-to-server use cases that introduce some aspects of server-to-server interaction.


- We have provided use cases and guidance regarding client registration.


- We have defined cryptographic services use cases and functionality.


- We are providing optional _expression_ of the KMIP protocol in XML and JSON, complementing the normative _expression_ in TTLV.


In order to align the KMIP TC charter more closely with what we now understand as appropriate areas for consideration in KMIP, the KMIP TC is considering making the following substantive changes to the charter:


- Removing bullets three, four and five from the out-of-scope section.


We also wish to make editorial corrections to the charter to reflect the fact that KMIP is an established TC (changing future tense verbs to present tense) and to reflect the actual KMIP deliverables.


On behalf of the KMIP TC, we are soliciting review by KMIP TC member companies to determine if the proposed changes introduce any concerns. If so, please provide feedback to the TC by July 30, 2013. The proposed revised charter is available at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/kmip/download.php/49337/KMIP%20TC%20charter%20rev%2025may13.pdf (with change bars) and https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/kmip/download.php/49338/KMIP%20TC%20charter%20rev%2025may13%20clean.pdf (without change bars).




Bob  Griffin / Subhash Sankuratripati

Co-chairs, KMIP Technical Committee



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