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Subject: Re: [kmip] Groups - cryptographic-services-usage-guide-v1.docx uploaded

On 27/05/2013 2:36 PM, John Leiseboer wrote:

I was hoping to see text suitable for inclusion in Sections 2 and 3 of the Usage Guide: assumptions that underlie the KMIP protocol, and guidance on using the functionality, respectively. The proposed text reads more like an attempt to justify the new crypto services operations rather than provide useful guidance, explanation or clarification.

John - thanks for reading through that and offering your views.
It seems you were looking for something in the way of additions to the assumptions underlying the KMIP protocol in section 2 but most of the issues raised are entirely separate from cryptographic services. Perhaps you are suggesting that the last two paragraphs get moved into section 2?

As noted in the document uploaded it contains information from the proposals that were accepted and discussed over a lengthy period so that the information from those documents is preserved and made available in the context in which the proposal was brought forward and accepted. Your previous comments on various "security issues" have been responded to (at length) and two paragraphs in the text specifically cover off on issues you have raised which are entirely generic (non-operation specific) in their nature. Those responses were discussed at the last face to face and so far no one else has indicated additional text is warranted.

The usage guide is also not the place to put text that should be normative in nature or to add interpretations which are not supported by the actual specification text.


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